75% Superwash Merino Ull 25% Nylon-Platinum 
100g 425 meter


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Andrea Mantegna – Parnaso.

With the colours of this yarn we want to recall the famous painting “Parnaso” by Andrea Mantegna. In general the painting want to show the adulterous love between Venus and Mars, but it also deals with the exaltation of divine love opposite to the carnal love, which generates harmony. Shown in the picture Apollo plays the lyre and the nine muses dance blissfully. Remarkable was Mantegna’s ability to harmonized the movements of the group whose flowing dresses create a rhythm of great refinement. The predominant color is red, which is worn by the muses. The painting dates back to 1407. Mantegna was an artist of the Renaissance period


PERFETTI SOCK - Andrea Mantegna, Parnaso

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